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Supply Chain Management is the “New Logistics”, and it is one of the trending business models that has been defined as the "design, planning, execution, control, and monitoring of supply chain activities with the objective of creating net value, leveraging worldwide logistics, synchronizing supply with demand and measuring performance. This business strategy is a success because it allows you to manage all the important aspects of the logistics process all together for optimal efficiency. Our Strategy at Paramount Co is to cater to your supply chain & logistics complexities by establishing a strong supply chain backbone for your business, digitizing the process, and delivering any project cargo successfully with Control, Visibility, and efficiency from start to finish.

Nowadays, customers want more services than just transporting their goods from Point A to Point B. They want you to manage their order, handle monetary transactions such as payment terms, invoicing, and money transfers, select the best route of transportation with its cost-benefit analysis, provide customs clearance & import tax, manage the inventory, and be prepared to place another order just-in-time to have sufficient supply. Paramount SCM mechanisms allow you to accomplish this with its unique set of tools. Our strategy is to continuously improve this process and as well as make your supply chain work exactly like you want it to and be able to achieve your business objectives with reliability, speed, agility, cost efficiency, and sustainability. 

Technology has allowed businesses to manage their supply chain more efficiently, and it has made them more profitable and at the same time more customer-centric. Therefore, it is inevitable and soon, every company needs to digitize their business in order to compete in the ecosystem. Moreover, Block Chain Technology will soon play an important role in the logistics & supply chain industry. It is a particular kind of distributed ledger technology (DLT), a digital system for simultaneously recording transactions and associated data copyrighted to its owners in numerous locations. To avoid a single point of failure, each computer in a blockchain network keeps a copy of the ledger, and all copies are updated and validated concurrently. Therefore, this new technology will play an important role in the logistics & supply chain industry.


The data is stored in blocks that are digitally chained together and result in:

- Ensure security, immutability, and authenticity
- Enhance supply chain transparency, Trackability, and dependability
- Reduce process complexity
- Improve operational efficiencies


What is Supply Chain Management?


Our Procurement services include managing your order with you, handling negotiations on your behalf with back and forth communication, providing consultancy regarding monetary transactions such as Invoicing, Payment Terms, and international money transfers through our bank accounts in Iraq and Turkey.  These services aim to speed up the logistics process, prepare the goods for loading sooner, and ensure your money is being handled safely. We as Paramount understand the value of trade secrets and your sources and information are in safe hands and we would also be happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. 

Your sources and information are not disclosed and will be protected with us we encourage our clients to sign an NDA agreement with us. We understand the values of trade secrets because we value honesty, integrity, ethics, quality, customer satisfaction, and innovation.




End-to-end logistics encompasses the entire logistical process, from order management & supplier integration all the way to the final delivery point with services including but not limited to, transportation, warehousing & distribution. As a single-source logistics provider, Paramount adds value to our client's supply chains by combining land, sea, and air transportation from the origin point to the sale's end. Instead of dealing with dozens, of different companies, we provide you with a single point of contact.

Customs and Clearance


More than just storage, our warehouses are your supply chain pit-stop, expertly designed to keep your products flowing through the supply chain at a pace of your choosing. Lean, efficient, and highly compliant with a host of value-added services.

Inventory management

Order and request material when demanded. We set up procedures for receiving and dispatching items; handwritten documentation, Standard documentation, and digital SCMS.

We provide you with warehouse services with space and packaging because of our extended network industry for you to free space and focus on your core business.

Picture Displaying Warehousing

Project Cargo logistics involves high volume, special equipment with high freight price, and typically comes with different modes of transport. Project Cargo is one of the most challenging aspects of freight forwarding and accomplishing a project cargo successfully, requires out-of-the-box thinking and advance planning to approach and manage the whole process.

At Paramount Logistics & Supply Chain our team of experts with an extensive global network and comprehensive knowledge of Project Cargo Management will work with you as a team to coordinate the process from start to finish while facilitating communications throughout the project duration. Regardless of the standard size, weight, complexity, or configuration, we will collaborate to develop and manage your project cargo from conception to delivery. 
Our Project cargo specialists are accustomed to quickly, proactively, and creatively solving the complex logistical challenges encountered when handling your project cargo. We will provide you with innovative, competitive, and unique solutions for the successful transport of your project cargo.

project Cargo Transportation


Insurance is necessary to protect you and your assets in the case of an unanticipated event. We make every effort to keep such issues from happening in today's modern world.

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